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I liked it. The only thing that is missing is a drumbeat. And the kicks could be a little smoother and not too loud. It's kinda boring with only the kicks and the hats, but overall it's pretty good.

Nice one

I liked the vintage synths that you used in this song. I don't know if you were going for it but it sounds like a soundtrack from the early 80s.

Stargenx responds:

Thanks for the review! :) I wasn't going for it but if it sounds like that, I'm cool with it.


Awesome song. I think it's more like trance than house, especially in the beginning. I was hoping it would be longer.
Nice work, Sacrafan.

Sacrafan responds:

I see what you mean, i can actually make house. Its my favorite genre so i get alot of inspiration..


Awesome electro-house, I wish it was longer. One of the best songs I've heard on NG so far. The bass and the beat were the best things in here.
Keep it up, man.


Loved it. I liked the bassline and the synths. Most of it was made with the Sytrus presets, but you used them well. The bells also fit the song very well.
Nice job.

Manhart responds:

thank you very much! This is a very old song of mine, and I've been thinking of making a new version of it.. I think it deserves it :)


Cool techno song, especially for your first one. Like in the first review, you used variety of music scales, which is good cause it keeps it from getting boring.
I also liked the synths, they fit the song very well. And panning the synths in the beginning and working your way in was a good idea. The only thing that I didn't really like was the beat (it's a little too fl studio-ish, and the same throughout), but everything else is pretty good.
You have a great potential.

ambiguousMAN responds:

I'm happy that it kept you entertained the whole way through :D

As for the beat, I've been trying to find new types of kick and snare sounds but most of the time I get too lazy to look. On top of that I'm looking to learn how to make my own. Until then, I'm stuck with the defaults D:

Thanks for the review!

not bad

Not bad for your second track, but awefully repetitive and needs some originality. That hat sound or something close to that sounds very annoying. The entire tune consists of default fl studio presets, and they are the same throughout. Don't get me wrong, I use them myself, but you have to be a little more creative with presets.
I'm guessing you're new to this. Keep practicing. You'll master it.

well done

One of the greatest synthpop songs and you nailed it like it was nothing.
Awesome work, dude.


Great remix of the once famous Mike Mareen song. I loved the drums and toms, but I think they have too much gated reverb, and some synths sound a little unsynchronized maybe because of the reverbs or something else. But other than that, it's a great remake of '86 "Love Spy".
Keep it up :D


The beats are a little too repetitive and mediocre. And it sounds like you used FL Studio arpeggios or something like that. I think you still should've put some reverb on the drums to make them sound retro. But overall, cool remix and a pretty good attempt at recreating Moroder's music.
Nice job.

~You gotta respect Giorgio Moroder :D

architecture responds:

FL Studio (Facepalm). Drums not Vintage (facepalm)

Guess nobody can hear the difference in real analog and virtual anymore. This was all analog, ever last bit of it, minus tape. Does this mean I have to start tracking to tape again?

What's up! I make mostly techno, dance and old school music with FL Studio on my spare time. If you have time, check out my songs. Oh, and if you can, leave a review. I love reading good, constructive reviews...

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